Last Round of World Cup 2014 UEFA Qualifications

UEFA Qualifications prediction


With everything coming to an end in this qualifications cycle, the battle for Brazil 2014 is almost done and the picture is getting clearer about who will travel to South America and who will watch the World Cup on the television. There is still some tension in some of the groups and teams like England, Ukraine, Bosnia, Turkey, Greece, Iceland, Slovenia, Romania and even Bulgaria, have chances to either finish first and qualify directly for the finals or to particepate in the play-offs. Here are some of the most interesting games in this last round that we think you should set your eyes on:

England vs Poland

The game that England is waiting for! A win for the British team and they will fly in June next year to Rio for another try to make something big on a Mondial. Poland have nothing to play for besides their pride and exactly these to different moods in both sides will decide the outcome of the game.
                                                                                                 Prediction: 2:0 

                                                                                                  Final Score: 2:0

Lithuania vs Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Bosnians are equal on points with Greece, but with a far better goal difference and a win against Lithuania will most likely keep them on the top of Group G. With Dzeko and Ibisevic in top 3 of the goalscorers of this qualifications cycle, and Greece playing at home agains the football dwarves Liechtenstein, it is a must-win for the Balkan side.

                                                                                                   Prediction: 2, Over 2,5 goals

                                                                                                           Final Score: 0:1

France vs Finland 

This is obviously a game France must win with AT LEAST 3 goals AND to hope for Georgia to WIN against Spain… Yep, too much big captions for that last sentence and probably none of them will happen but we still think this game can make a sensation, like Benzema to score a goal, or what about TWO…

                                                                                         Prediction: 1, Over 2,5 goals, Benzema  to SCORE

                                                     Final Score: 3:0, Benzema SCORED after coming in for Giroud in the 81-st minute

Bulgaria vs Czech Republic

Both teams have the chance to occupy the second place in this group, but whoever that team will be, they most likely will be the weakest second-place team in the list and will be out of the playoffs eventually. Bulgaria lost their last game in Yerevan and with that outcome their chances for the playoffs are equal to magic. The Czech Republic on the other hand are not playing confidently and the first game between both teams in Prague finished 0:0 with Bulgaria dominating and missing their chances for a win. This time the Balkan side is looking forward to finish the campaign with a win in front of their home crowd in Sofia and finish second in the group.



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