Champions League Round 4 Predictions – 5.11

Champions League Round 4

Round 4 of the UEFA Champions League is set to take place this midweek and there are some very intriguing games to be played on the football fields around Europe. Here is our view on the Tuesday’s program schedule.

Shakhtar Donetsk vs Bayer Leverkusen

4:0 in the first game that took place on BayArena some month and a half ago. Bayer are still strong in the top 3 of the Bundesliga with 4 points behind Bayern Munich, despite the fact they lost their last game against Eintracht on the road. There were some funny stuff around the team lately, with the invisible goal against Hoffenheim taking most of the press coverage last week and some. Now Bayer are visiting Donbass Arena to face the Donetsk team, who are on the second place in their domestic league for a first time since many years. Mircea Lucescu will motivate his boys for a hard game against the German opponent and this game is setting to be decisive for the second place in the group, if we accept the fact that Manchester United will be first overall.

                                                                                                                Prediction: 2:2

Real Sociedad vs Manchester United 

The other game in this group is to be fun to watch too. Sociedad are on a sudden rise in form and it comes in the right moment for the game against the leaders of the group. The only loss in their last 5 games is еxactly the first game against United in the group and after the sloppy series of bad games a month ago, now the Basque side is expecting a good result against the English giants.
And it’s a slight turn of fate right now for both teams, with United struggling right now in the Premier League with a rather unconvincing performance against teams in midtable and below. Yes, they are getting the points, but it is the game that everybody speak of. An own goal decided the game last time, so will United get the points again with a passive stance, or will Real Sociedad make a twist in the group results, we are about to see!

                                                                                                                 Prediction: 2:1

Victoria Plzen vs Bayern Munich

Well, this either will be the easiest game to predict in this round, or the greatest upset in the Group Stage this year. The Czechs were destroyed by the German machine and destiny will most likely repeat itself. We are not going to make so obstructive analysis on this game, simply because it got so obvious both teams are quite far away on the class-meter one from another, and if anything different from a loss with at least 2 or 3 goals margin for Plzen occurs, it will be based on the fact how many barrels of beer the European champions had in the minutes prior to the game.

                                                                                                                  Prediction: 0:4

Manchester City vs CSKA Moscow

In much warmer weather than in the first game between both teams, if you can call North-West England warm in the start of November, Manchester hosts CSKA Moscow in a game that will most likely deside the group in general. With Bayern top, and Plzen far bottom, City will hustle for a win that will most likely give them the second place in the group and a place in the Last 16. First game was slanedered by the racist chants the Moscow fans shouted against YaYa Toure. The scandal got big post game, and it got widespread coverage from the media, with the Russian-fluent(!!!) Toure being promoted to an UN Ambassador and CSKA being HALF-banned with a partial closing of one of their stadium sectors. The Russian side is struggling in the Premier League lately and in the Champions League it will be the 3rd place they set for a success. City were merciless in the last round in England, humiliating Norwich with 7 goals and it will be a surprise if they lose points in this game.

                                                                                                                   Prediction: 3:1

Olympiakos vs Benfica

If you haven’t checked the Greek giants’ record recently, it won’t be easy to believe me, when I tell you that the loss suffered against PSG in late September is the only loss in a official game, that they had suffered since 14th FEBRUARY this year, after they lost against Levante in the Europa League last season… More than that – they are still to lose a game in the domestic league, in which they got only one loss in their last campaign when they got the gold medals…Still, Champions League has little to none with the Greek Super League and this is the place they get to settle on the ground after the regular domestic victory.  Kostas Mitroglou is the team goalscorer and already a blink in the eyes of many managers from Western Europe.
Benfica are too on a rise in performance since the start of the season when they got a little frustrating start giving the fact all the bad things happened to them last season. They are third in the domestic league for now and this game will most likely decide the positions in the group and whether they will play in Europe some more this season.

                                                                                                                     Prediction: 2:1

PSG vs Anderlecht 

The second game of this round in which we aren’t going to spread so much. PSG top of the group, Anderlecht bottom, quite big difference in classes, Ibracadabra with probably a hattrick, if he plays of course, and PSG going calmly in the next phase.

                                                                                                                     Prediction: 3:0

Kobenhavn vs Galatasaray

This is the game that gives Galata chances for the Last 16 in the tournament. A win against Kobenhavn and strong performance against Juve or Real will probably get them second in the group. 4 wins streak for the Turkish side in all competitions and if they want to stay in the Champions League for the moment, nothing less than a W in this game suits them.
Kobenhavn had an awful start of the season in Denmark and entered the group stage of the Champions League in the relegation zone of the domestic league. Now they are 4th and are back in the game for the Superliga title. They will try to give their best and make their fans happy against Galatasaray, but it will be difficult against Drogba & Co.

                                                                                                                      Prediction: 1:2

Juventus vs Real Madrid

The derby of the round! After the narrow loss Juve suffered in Madrid in the first game, against a Real Madrid, who was mentally already in Catalunia, and a referee who left his mark in the game, now it’s Juventus’ time to try and take the maximum of the situation. The bitter taste in every fan’s mouth from Turin is still present and their favorite team must try and give their best in this game. Juve has a game against Galatasaray in Istanbul on the calendar and if Juve slips now, the game at Türk Telekom Arena will be on life and death for both teams.
Real is in a series of games with a spectacular results lately in La Liga and they show to completely different faces in the team – the offence and the deffence. Conceding lots of goals, scoring twice as many, it is a shaky stuff from Madridistas. Can they keep a clean sheet against Juve in this quite important game?

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